Cubilose Caviar Energy Beautify Treatment

Cubilose Caviar Energy Beautify Treatment (6 treats)

This facial treatment includes pure caviar extract and bird’s nest extract that work together to increase skin oxygenation and suppleness, thereby reducing wrinkles and improving elasticity and texture. At the conclusions of this luxurious facial, you will not only enjoy softer, radiant and more youthful skin, but you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Key Benefits:

  • Activating the genes of youth
  • Promotes moisture balance and skin luminosity
  • Firms up sagging skin caused by loss of elasticity
  • Protects skin from pollution
  • Stimulates collagen production

Treatment Kit Include:

1)Bird’s Nest Nourishing & Brightening Mask e (5g x 6)
2)Caviar Collagen Essence (1.5ml x 6)
3)Collagen Firming Essence (5ml x 6)
4)Silk Protein Essence (30ml x 1)

Key Ingredients:
Swiftlet Nest Extract, Caviar Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Allantoin, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract

How to use:
Step 1: Double cleanse the face with Gentle Soothing Milk Cleanser + Calming Cleansing Gel
Step 2: Put the Hydrating Lotion on cotton pad and wipe gently the whole face
Step 3: Gently exfoliate the skin with Micro Pearl Facial Scrub in a circular motion
Step 4: Face steaming & black/whitehead extraction
Step 5: Apply the Collagen Firming Essence onto the whole face with ultrasonic machine
Step 6: Gently massage the face & neck with Caviar Collagen Essence till fully absorbed
Step 7:  Apply the entire face with Bird’s Nest Nourishing & Brightening Mask by using a brush, leave on for about 25min
Step 8: Gently massage the whole face with the remaining Bird’s Nest Nourishing & Brightening Mask, then wash it off with
warm water
Step 9: Take an appropriate amount of Silk Protein Essence and apply evenly onto the face, gently massage till fully absorbed
Step 10: Finish the treatment with Protective Sunscreen

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